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Single herbal tea

Lavender, petals, Provence
1,20 EUR
4,80 EUR per 100g
Liquorice, chopped
1,50 EUR
3,00 EUR per 100g
Melissa, chopped
1,00 EUR
6,67 EUR per 100g
Mint Nana, chopped
1,00 EUR
3,33 EUR per 100g
Peppermint, chopped leaves
1,20 EUR
4,80 EUR per 100g
Pink rockrose, herb cut
1,30 EUR
6,50 EUR per 100g
Rose, whole
1,30 EUR
5,20 EUR per 100g
Tulsi-bio, chopped
1,70 EUR
4,25 EUR per 100g
Valerian, roots, chopped
2,50 EUR
50,00 EUR per 1000g