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Danish Smoked Salt

1,50 EUR
3,75 EUR per 100g
Product no.: 2707

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    Danish Smoked Salt
    This cold Smoked Salt is gained exclusively from Dead Sea Salt.
    It obtains its beautiful golden brown colour only at the correct
    Temperature of 30 °C. This salt needs 160 hours in the smokehouse
    to receive its fine smoky favour. Every half hour the salt must be
    turned again and again by hand shovel.
    Culinary uses
    It should be tested on pasta and Soup, roast chicken, salad and eggs.
    A pinch of this salt on fresh fish gives it that typical smoked taste.
    Danish smoked salt could also please vegetarians to try it with soya products
    40g / € 1,50
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    Danish Smoked Salt
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