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Cloves, whole
1,00 EUR
5,00 EUR per 100g


Bigger packs more economically.
"buy more - save more"
Aniseeds, whole
2,70 EUR
20,77 EUR per 1000g
Cinnamon Canehl, ground
3,10 EUR
2,58 EUR per 1000g
Cinnamon Cassia AA, ground
2,40 EUR
16,00 EUR per 1000g
Coriander seeds, whole
1,70 EUR
17,00 EUR per 1000g
Cumin seeds, whole
3,10 EUR
20,67 EUR per 1000g
Fennel seeds, whole
1,90 EUR
19,00 EUR per 1000g
Fenugreek, seeds
2,40 EUR
12,00 EUR per 1000g
Galangale, roots, chopped
2,90 EUR
3,87 EUR per 100g
Mustard seeds, brown, whole
1,90 EUR
9,50 EUR per 1000g
Saffron, strings, whole
19,80 EUR
660,00 EUR per 100g
Star anise, whole
1,90 EUR
31,67 EUR per 1000g
Turmeric, ground
2,40 EUR
16,00 EUR per 1000g